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Updating Your User Profile

Once you have registered, you can update your user profile at any time by clicking on the My Profile link in the navigation bar. You will be prompted to log in. Once you have logged in using your username and password, you will see a form that contains the various user registration fields. Your current information will be automatically filled in. You cannot change your username at this point, but you can change your password and other registration information. Make your desired changes, and then click on the Update My Account Profile button. Once the system has successfully updated your profile, you will see a "success" page informing you of this.

Please make a note of the password that you selected, as you will need it anytime you come back in the future to access certain features of this system. If you ever forget your username or password, you can click on the appropriate link on the logon form. The system will allow you to attempt to retrieve your information by entering either your username (if you forgot your password) or your e-mail address (if you forgot your username).

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