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Renewing Your Ads

To renew your ad, please click on the Edit Ads link from the navigation bar. You will be prompted to logon. Once you have logged onto the system using your username and password, if you aren't already within a section, you will be asked to choose which section the ad that you want to edit is contained in. You will then be asked whether you want to modify/renew an ad, delete an ad, or upload a photo. To renew your ad, choose the Modify/Renew Ad button. On the next page, enter your Ad Number in the form and click on the Submit button. If you entered it correctly, the system will display your ad, along with a form that contains all of your current information already filled in. To renew your ad, go to the Renewal Options sections and check the box if you want to renew your ad. Please note that each ad is limited to a maximum of 3 renewals, so you should renew your ad only when it is about to expire. Once you have checked this box, click on the "Submit Modifications" button. Once your ad has been renewed, the system will display a successful modification notice.

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