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General Help

All of the system options are available from the navigation bars that appear either at the top and the bottom of each page, or along the left side of the page. The "Search Ads" link takes you back to the front page, so that you can search for ads by category and subcategory. The "Place Ads" link allows you to post new ads to the system. The "Edit Ads" link allows you to modify your ads, renew your ads, delete your ads, or add or modify multimedia files to your ads. The "My Profile" link allows you to register for an acount or to update your registration information at any time. The "My Checklist" link will display all ads that you have added to your checklist (ads that you have marked for future recall and viewing by the system). The "Auto Notify" link allows you to create, modify, or delete a personal search agent that will automatically send you new ads by e-mail that match your pre-defined criteria. The "Help" link will cause a pop-up help window to appear. In many areas of the system, this will contain context-sensitive help information related to the topic or page that you are on (such as help on placing ads when you are on the ad posting form).

Beneath or within the navigation bar is a search box that allows you to search for ads by keywords within any or all sections. Beneath this search box are three more links. To quickly see all ads, just click on the "Browse Ads" link. For more advanced searches by keywords, including Boolean options, case-sensitive searching, date-range searching, and searching for ads with photos, click on the "Keyword Search" link. For powerful full database searches on specific criteria and within ranges, click on the "Advanced Search" link.

Additional Help Topics